What is Peritoneal Dialysis?

Peritoneal dialysis takes place on the inside of your abdomen but outside of the intestinal tract. In this space there is a large surface area for which fluid and electrolyte exchange can take place. A catheter is inserted through the abdominal wall into this peritoneal space. Dialysis consists of instilling a special fluid through the catheter into this space, allowing the exchange to take place, and subsequent drainage of this fluid. We provide the surgical procedure to insert this catheter to support peritoneal dialysis.

When you are referred to our office, our board certified vascular surgeons will perform an extensive history and physical exam to see if Peritoneal Dialysis is a viable option.

We work closely with your nephrologist and dialysis center to limit the interruption to your dialysis schedule. The personal attention that comes with an intimate outpatient setting is frequently appreciated by our patients. The timely treatment of the problem allows you to carry on your life with little disruption.